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DC Weekly Report: Bear Inside Bar after exhaustion creates 50/50 chance for Bulls.

DOGE Weekly Chart

◘ Week 20 (WN20) formed a bear inside bar closing under its mid point

◘ WN19 is an exhaustive bear bar with large volume at the end of a trend

◘ The market is at support levels

◘ 50/50 chance for the Bulls to win Week 21 as calculated since 2013

◘ Bears may be less incline to short this low which may lead to Bears taking profit

◘ Bulls might scalp the 1st major break out or rally at 10 - 20%

◘ Bears may strongly sell for another leg down if Bulls step in

◘ The week may start Bullish but may stall near the high of last week near 0.09279


Open: 0.09279

High: 0.09279

Low: 0.0815

Close: 0.08595

DOGEUSDT Weekly candlestick chart, 20 Exponential Moving Average, Volume Bars Source: dcworldnews, tradingview charts

Who will win the week:

Do Bulls succeed in the 50/50 chance?

Will the bears trap Bulls for a larger swing down?

Is the Market going to continue sideways with an inside bar as a DOJI bar (†) ?

What are your thoughts?


by Digital Currency World News,

May 23, 2022 06:10UTC


*This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice. Just DOGE food for thought.

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Happy to see this. I hope you are able to build your forum. Do good every day👍😎

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