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DC Report: Down To The 20 Ema Or Just A Pause For More Gain?


March 12th, 2024

Daily Chart

◘ Mar 9 + 10 Lower High Double Top was followed by one outside up bull hammer and one outside down bear hammer ◘ The Bull hammer tested down and then closed near its high ◘ The bear hammer started high, tested low and reversed to about 50% of the day

◘ 0.18 may be resistance given the close and open for the last 9 days ◘ 0.1419 is the 50% line for the Bull rally ◘ The 20 ema is near 0.1432

◘ Doge has been closing above the 20 ema for 34 days

◘ Remember: April 4th 2021 to May 12th 2021 was the 38 day extreme rally to 0.74

◘ Then a pullback, major trend reversal, and bear channel followed over the next 406 days

◘ DOGE was in a sideways trading range for 597 days after that bear channel ended

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