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DC Report: Will Tomorrow Be A Bounce For The Bulls?



Daily Chart

◘ Sat Nov 5th closed an inverted Bear hammer low 2 sell signal above the 20ema ◘ Today formed a strong follow through Bear break out bar closing low just under the 10ema ◘ Bears scalpers may take profit at the moving averages like the 10ema near 0.11533

◘ This minor support may be a bounce for the Bulls with a leg 1 leg 2 measured move up ◘ Swing Bears may want a 3rd bar in the 2nd leg down or 3rd leg down to the 20ema 0.102 ◘ The 50ema magnet @ 0.0772 is also near the exhaustive Bull break out point at 0.0837

Weekly + Monthly Chart

◘ Week 44 formed a large inverted Bear hammer with a small body above the 50ema ◘ Last Week's extreme Bull break out had bad follow through and may lead to a reversal

◘ Week 45 opens early with a bounce for the Bulls above the 50ema ◘ The weekly 20ema is near 0.083 and the 10ema is near 0.087 ◘ Bulls may want a hold and a break out above Week 44's High to the 2022 open@0.1703 ◘ Bears may want to scalp and swing pull backs

◘ November is currently an inverted Bear hammer just above the monthly 20ema

Today's Q + A:

Q: Do you think the U.S. elections will have an effect on crypto in general?

A: Indirectly, yes if policies made afterwards may have an effect on the market.

Q: Do the markets even care?

A: The markets do not feel.

Q: Do world events effect crypto like they do the stock markets?

A: There are studies that show direct correlation between crypto and current events

What are your thoughts? Watch DC Charts Live and Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Report! _________________________________________________________________________ by Digital Currency World News, 11-07-2022 _________________________________________________________________________ #doge #dogecoin #crypto #priceaction #digital #currency #world #news #btc #eth #mana #ada #xrp

*This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice.

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