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DC Report: Will Bears Completely Reverse The Break Out Bull Rally?


11-09-22 Daily Chart

◘ Today formed a strong Bear break out for the 5th bar in the 2nd or initial leg down ◘ Doge closed under the 50ema and inside of the broad Bear channel ◘ Bears reversed the extreme break out Bull rally from the end of October

◘ November Daily chart High to Low is $21.08B to $9.42B as a -55% pull back for the Bears ◘ Tomorrow test Today's Low given the strong Bear close near the low of the day ◘ An inside Bull bar would be a sign of support and reversal for a High 1 scalp

End Of The Day Q + A:

Q: What is happening?

A: Decentralized exchanges, Binance and FTX have been in the news lately. Short of it... Binance may purchase FTX. FTX supports institutional investors and margin trading. Investors with deep pockets may be attempting to liquidate their positions while other may have margin calls and the rest may be holding a bag, so to speak.

Q: Did the U.S. Elections effect the Crypto market?

A: Other than the crypto industry investing millions in the U.S. Election... Not directly, No.

Q: Can Doge get down to 0.05 or 0.0325?

A: Yes. Doge is volatile enough to break short to those ranges and the 50-Month EMA support is near 0.037. However, more money is made in high volume trading ranges rather than getting trapped during larger swings or break outs and reversals.

What are your thoughts? Watch DC Charts Live and Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Report! _________________________________________________________________________ by Digital Currency World News, 11-10-2022 _________________________________________________________________________ #doge#dogecoin#crypto#priceaction#digital#currency#world#news#btc#eth#mana#ada#xrp *This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice.

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