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DC Report: DOGE 15, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Chart Review



15 Minute Chart

◘ Bears opening 12 hours with a double top reversal into 3 - 4 legs down then exhausted ◘ Bulls reversed up to the 20ema for 2 - 3 legs and scalped into a trading range ◘ Bull breaks out and parabolic Bull rally above the 20ema for the closing 12 hours ◘ Doge is above the 2-day range ◘ Can Bulls continue the upward momentum or will too fast too soon signal a pullback?


Daily Chart

◘ Today formed a strong outside up Bull hammer closing near its high above the 20ema ◘ Break out Bulls pushed above the wedge as a possible strong High 2 Bull signal ◘ The October open is 0.06168 ◘ Doge may attempt to return to that price to close as a Bull trading range by Month's end ◘ The 20ema acts as a magnet for scalpers in either direction ◘ Let's see if Bulls scalp out and Bears step in with a strong short from above the 20ema

... Weekly Chart

◘ This week formed an inside Bull bar below the 20ema at the tip of the wedge ◘ The Weekly 20ema is near 0.07 ◘ Bulls may want follow through but more than a 10-20% jump in a week may be scalped ◘ Bears have a ledge to fall from down to 0.035 - 0.004


Monthly Chart

◘ October is almost over and it is so far a Bear trading range bar with low volume ◘ October is far below the monthly 20ema of 0.108 ◘ Bulls may struggle to make October another trading range bar with lower volume ◘ Bears failed to form a 4th and 5th leg down which often leads to a reversal ◘ Q4 2022 may be Bullish given the current oversold price action ◘ Let's see how the month closes


What are your thoughts? Watch DC Charts Live and Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Report! _________________________________________________________________________ by Digital Currency World News, 10-24-2022 _________________________________________________________________________ #doge#dogecoin#crypto#priceaction#digital#currency#world#news#btc#eth#mana#ada#xrp *This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice.

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