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DC Report: 2022 Bear Inside Bar Brings Bad News or Bargain Prices For 2023 New Year's Bulls?


2021 - 2022

Weekly and Monthly Chart

Monthly Chart

◘ 2022 sold off from the 2021 Bull break out forming an inside Bear bar closing near its Low ◘ The 2022 low fell into a trading range after reversing the April 2021 extreme Bull break out ◘ Doge traded sideways from a major section of the Bear channel forming in a double bottom

◘ Bulls traded up to the 20ema testing the 2022 open before scalping out in a reversal ◘ Bears closed the year with to a higher low double bottom under the 20ema ◘ Bulls are attempting to muster control with an new year opening of a 5.5% gain

◘ Yearly Bear Target is below the 2022 Low at 0.0491

◘ Yearly Bull Target is above the 2022 high at 0.215

◘ January Bull target is above 0.1118

◘ January bear target is below 0.055

◘ The monthly 20ema is near 0.107 and will be more likely be tested over the next 3 - 6 bars

◘ Bollinger Band High is at 0.2873

What are your thoughts? Watch DC Charts Live and Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Report! _________________________________________________________________________ by Digital Currency World News, 01-05-2022 _________________________________________________________________________ #doge#dogecoin#crypto#priceaction#digital#currency#world#news#btc#eth#mana#ada#xrp *This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice.

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