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DC Report: Will This Extreme Bull Day Exhausting Into A Reversal?



15 Minute Chart

◘ Bulls continued the rally above the 20ema with pullback tests then trend resumptions ◘ The flags and pullbacks mare the spot where Bull scalpers may be taking profits

◘ Counter trend Bears ran a higher risk of getting trapped today ◘ Bears who sold yesterdays close are trapped and may risk shorting higher to break even ◘ A flag sideways to the 20ema closed the day... Final Flag or on to Higher Prices?

Daily Chart

◘ Today was a strong Bull trend day closing near it's high up 15.23%.

◘ The 20ema of 0.062 is approx. -14% from the 0.072. ◘ Bull scalpers are more likely taking profits along the Bull rally and wait for minor pullbacks

◘ The volume today is $2.8 Billion which is 5x above the 20-day average of $495.94 Billion ◘ The extreme strong close may have early higher prices but increase chance of a reversal ◘ Tomorrow has an increase chance of a pull back 50% of the size of Today's bar ≈ 0.068 Weekly Chart

◘ The middle of this week has a break out Bull test of the 20ema and is at resistance ◘ Can Bulls continue to hold or rally to higher prices? What are your thoughts? Watch DC Charts Live and Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Report! _________________________________________________________________________ by Digital Currency World News, 10-26-2022 _________________________________________________________________________ #doge#dogecoin#crypto#priceaction#digital#currency#world#news#btc#eth#mana#ada#xrp *This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice.

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