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DC Report: Extreme Outside Down Bear Bar After Extreme 8-Day Break Out Bull Rally!


March 5th, 2023

Daily Chart

◘ The high of the day at 0.2069 failed to test the 0.2150 Jan 2022 high

◘ Doge formed a pullback reversing 38.38% from the High to Low of 0.1275

◘ The market rallied 20.71% from the low of 0.1275 to close at 0.01539

◘ Doge closed -15.25% down from yesterday's Bull bar closing at the 8-day high

◘ The Daily 20ema is at 0.1167

Monthly Chart

◘ March's early extreme break out pulls back to the High of 2023

◘ The Monthly 20ema is at 0.949

Weekly Chart

◘ March Week 1 is currently a large trading range bar, but the week is still early on.

◘ The Weekly 20ema is at 0.0939

1 Hour Intraday Chart

◘ Final break out above the bull channel reverses to a lower high double top

◘ Strong Short from above the moving average forms a Leg 1 for the bears

◘ Bears Leg 1 reversed the March 3rd break out Bull channel point before the buy back

◘ Bulls rally from the low under the moving average

◘ The 20ema is above at 0.1649

15 Minute Intraday Chart

◘ A higher low double bottom forms after the break out bear channel

◘ The bulls test the 20ema then form a trading range

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