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DC Monthly Report: Sell In May & Go Away, Strong Bear 2nd Leg Below The 20ema. Inside Bar For June?

DOGECOIN: Review + Close Of The Week

Month #5 May

◘ Strong 2nd leg down bear break out bar following a bear hammer under the 20ema ◘ Bear bar closing under its mid point near Highs of January and February 2021 ◘ The April 2021 Extreme Bull bar and gap might close if the Bears tests 0.053

◘ The Month did not have extreme volume and the size is not extreme to be exhaustive ◘ Possible "Sell The Close "Bears risk a trap for a scalp to the low of the month. ◘ DOGE may possibly be far enough below the 20ema to form an inside bull bar for June ◘ YTD average volume is 0.125 ◘ All time average volume is 0.031

◘ DOGE maintains best long term performer runner up MANA, ADA, ETH, BTC, XRP

DOGEUSDT Monthly chart, 20 Exponential Moving Average, Volume Bars, Trend Lines Source: dcworldnews, tradingview charts

DOGE Monthly line chart, performance comparison with BTC, ETH, ADA, XRP, MANA Source: dcworldnews, tradingview charts

Is DOGE far enough below the 20ema for June to form a strong Bull reversal? Do Bears push through the low of May to close the Bull gap near 0.053?

Will DOGE test the May low then above the June open as a weak hammer / trading range? What are your thoughts? Watch DC Charts Live and Stay Tuned For Tomorrow's Report! _________________________________________________________________________ by Digital Currency World News, 06-01-2022 00:11UTC _________________________________________________________________________ #doge#dogecoin#crypto#priceaction#digital#currency#world#news#btc#eth#mana#ada#xrp *This is not Trading Nor Financial Advice.

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I remember last year at this time well. Wasn’t pretty.

DC World News
DC World News
Jun 02, 2022
Replying to

Very True. That was the Elon Musk Mothers Day Sale.

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